Casa Árabe | Legal notice

استهلال / Legal notice


In accordance with provisions of the Organic Law 15/99 of 13 December on the Protection of personal data, CASA ÁRABE informs the user of the existence of an automised index of personal data created by and for CASA ÁRABE, under its authority, aimed at maintaining and managing relations with the user, and tasks of information, education and commercialisation of the service and related activities.

Once the present General Conditions are accepted, CASA ÁRABE will need to gather basic information essential for delivering its services. This information is: the User’s name, family names, address, post code and telephone number. Once the present contract is accepted, the User will be informed of the need to collect this information.

CASA ÁRABE may also request the following additional information from the User: i) fiscal identification number ii) place iii) date of birth iv) sex v) profession and vi) personal interests. This data will serve the tasks of information, education and commercialisation of services offered by CASA ÁRABE.  Such information is voluntary, and once the present contract is accepted, the user will be notified of the non-compulsory nature of such data collection for delivery of CASA ÁRABE’s services. However, not providing such data will hinder CASA ÁRABE from providing all the services linked to them.

The user agrees for CASA ÁRABE to make use of his or her personal data for navigation by Internet to send advertising by third parties according to the websites visited. Advertisers alone will be responsible for the truth, accuracy and legality of their publicity, since CASA ÁRABE is merely the transmitter of it. Advertisers will not have direct access to the User’s personal data without the User’s express consent on each occasion.

Rights of access, rectification, opposition and cancellation of personal data collected by CASA ÁRABE can be exercised by Users, or their representative, by a written and signed reclamation that should contain the following information: name, client’s family names, home address for notification, photocopy of ID or passport, and a formal request containing the reclamation, sent to the following address:  C/ Alcalá 62. 28009 Madrid 

In accordance with the general conditions, the User recognises and accepts CASA ÁRABE’s use of “Cookie” technology. The User may none the less configure his or her search engine to be advised of this, and prevent the installation of “Cookies” on his or her hard disc. Please consult the instructions and manual of your search engine for further information.

CASA ÁRABE promises to fulfil its obligations to maintain confidentiality of personal data, and its duty to store them. It will take necessary measures to prevent data being altered, lost or tampered with, or accessed without authorisation, in accordance with conditions laid down in the Regulation of Security Measures of automised indexes containing personal data, approved by Royal Decree 994/99 of 11 July.